“Passion of Online Shopping” is an informational website for Lebanese young who are interested in shopping and intend to make their own online shops. This website provides general information about the differences between online and offline shops, helping new graduates or entrepreneurs the ‘Know-How” and best practices about to establish an online store and present it in a professional way. It focuses on clothes and fashion a developmental case at this stage, with a prospect to branch out in providing practice-based information in other industries and domain of work. In Lebanon, the online clothing stores as a small to medium business venture are leading the way in online marketing as a dynamic venture with carting experience. The fashion store is a rich domain that requires special attention for a dedicated informative website that can contribute to solving urgent challenges.

“Passion of Online Shopping” is an authoritative website that provides real-world information and stories about the distinguishing and distinguishable online experiences from owners of virtual and real stores. The focus is on the challenges and teething problems of owners of offline shops switching to online shopping or of those who already have an online shop as well as on the practices and solutions that can create an effective online business. It should be noted that in the following sixth months, the website will be highlighting the economic and psychological dimensions of such new ventures, hoping that the authoritative information will be a great advantage to you. Do not forget that this website is meant to be an engaging one, please do not hesitate to get involved and I will be around to respond to your inquiries.