Do you think shopping is good therapy for psycho pressure ???

Geplaatst door Passion for Online Shopping op Donderdag 22 november 2018


It’s the weekend at last, after a long five days of tedious work. You are very tired, sad and lonely.

Bored from sitting long hours, doing nothing, in the house. As well, you do not have a friend to spend the time talking and sharing interesting issues of the week or future weeks.

You just need to keep calm and go shopping, drive a car, put away all your problems on the side and just plunge into a shopping spree in a shopping center!

As the aphorism says: “Shopping is the best medicine”. Actually, it is cheaper than therapy!

On your weekend, you become a “doctor” and make the appropriate treatment for yourself. It’ costs pennies that no therapy can compensate!

Simply, you need only to walk slowly in the corridors of the shopping center looks at the clothes and colors.

The real happiness is shopping till you drop.


Interestingly, more than ever before, the latest research in shopping is drawing the attention that the new online technologies are inducing a similar feeling of happiness that the offline shopping has.

The ‘online’ shopping is a new fascinating experience that creates a new way of making decisions about purchases. The customer sits in his house drinking coffee and at a distance buy products.

Such online development helps people to win time by shopping for more things in a comfortable manner.

And in the similar, a new type of psychological challenge of addiction emerges with its own ailments.