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The happiness is to walk slowly in the shopping center corridors, forget your entire problem and live in the shopping world. Smell the odor of the new clothes; touch it, and enjoying colors. This action transfer your bad day to the best day. You just need to shop. But in the digital technology era, this happiness disappears step by step, specifically with the appearance of online shopping. In this day, time is like a sword: if you don’t cut it, it cuts you, all thing walk faster you can’t lose time for anything not important. For that reason and other reasons such as laziness, tired or the high prices of the clothes in the tradition shops makes people depend on online shopping.” Everything is new and desirable” Amal Darwish the owner of City wear shop said that.


The Effects of Online Shops on Tradition Shops

“Anything is easy people depend on it,” Amal said that. People at first loved this phenomenon and adopted it. To buy anything you need from your home it’s a fabulous thing, specifically buy clothes. Moreover, it’s cheaper than real shopping, you only browsing your phone and chooses what you like, without any tired. At first, this phenomenon affected offline stores, a decline in the drainage of goods in only two seasons for the professional stores. While the normal stores encountered a big problem because they buy the same product of online stores. That makes people depend more on online shops. Moreover, the normal and simple stores don’t use social media in their business they caused heavy loss and stack the goods.”After the phenomenon of online shops, we buy little goods until it finishes, then we buy again” Mariam Atris she is an owner of the simple store said that. But this image with the experience differed, most people that buy from online shops they were disappointed. Nothing like the image such as size, length, quality, and this reason makes people retreat to shopping from online.  Rayan Abbas has an experience on disappointed said that “I bought from online shopping more than 3 times and no once come like photos”. Moreover, most online shops depend on popular markets. They display the real photo of clothes and sell the fake one. That makes people return to the traditional shops that have credibility with their customers. “if you need succeed in this world, you need to be honest” Darwish said that. For that, the effect of online shops on an offline shop fell, and there is no longer strong competition. On the other hand, this phenomenon helps the offline shops by increase the credibility between people and them. “To buy featured clothing, you need a normal store,” Amal said that.

Most offline shops in this day depend on the high quality of their product and afar from the online product because it’s popular goods. Moreover, we use the advertising on the social media, and messages to the close customers for any new products arrived.


Economic Side

Does the economic situation in Lebanon be the main reason for the spread of online shopping??????

Geplaatst door Passion for Online Shopping op Donderdag 22 november 2018

“Online shopping helped Lebanese young to make their own work, in the same time, decreased a problem of working”, Khalil kheribani is an economic expert said that. In these days most university students and graduates depend on this type of work as financial gain.

As we know, the percentage of unemployment increase year after year and the economic problems. Moreover, the buying and selling process fell in tradition offline shops due to the economic situation. For that people depend to buy from online shops because it’s cheaper than.

This phenomenon affected in a big way on the traditional offline shops, specifically, that depends on the primitive methods and don’t use social media to make advertising. The main things that affected are at first the rents of the shops, most shops depend on their profit to pay the rents, when the profit decrease they face problems to pay, second this is employees when they can’t pay to them, they decrease the number of employees, and the third thing is the overstock of goods. While the professional offline shops don’t affect in a big way because they put many plans and strategies for any crisis, moreover they have a good management to solve any problem and keep pace with technology development.