The hours of your day don’t walk, “tic tack, tic tack” and still the same hours. You don’t have anything to make it in your day. You wake up in the morning, prepare the breakfast, your husband goes to work, and you sit all day with your baby. This is the routine of most women that they don’t work. “The main reason of the making online store is boredom, when your day is empty you need to fill by anything,” Douaa Hattab said that. The second reason is to win money when you don’t study at a university or leave it, for many reasons such as marriage, pregnancy, or you have babies in the house. In this way, you need to make your own work.

The Phenomenon of Online Shops

You live in a virtual world all things unreal, you don’t know the truth, only walk with it. In this era with technology development, everything becomes easy and virtual, you only need to click the button and all that you need became to your house

This development and specifically digital technology, that allows anyone to use and interact with it, open a new road of people to work in a simple way without any effort. This reason creates the phenomenon of online shops. In Lebanon, with the economic, social problem, and the increase the unemployment rate most people depend on online shop as a work until they have a real work. Moreover, they use these shops as additional yield, or to pay the university installments. Reef Safa is a university student said that “I open my online shop for two reasons to help my fiancé and to pay the university installments”. This spread of online shops significantly makes a real challenge between them. “To succeed in this world you should distinguish in work,” Douaa said that.

The Challenges and Problems of Online Shops

“Not everyone can open an online store; today part of people is distorting this work, reduces its value, and oppresses the professional online stores,” Hattab said that. The owner of this type of work may have many skills. At first, creativity to make name to his store in the market, make something from nothing, second thing is to have a hoppy of selling, attract people by how she presents the product, photos, how to make people interact with you, and believe you. “Most people reject to buy a product from online because of they afraid to be flooded,” Douaa said that. Third thing and the most important is credibility “Some stores aim to only take the money and don’t care for its fake or not” Hattab said that.  And the last thing you should take courses in digital marketing to success and learn more about this world.


The real challenges and problems between the online stores start at first by prices,  the same product has many prices for many reasons at first quality of the fabric and how they stitched. In this way, people do not discriminate between the good quality and bad. “People only see the prices, of the same model that have same design and colo,r” Douaa said that. The most online store buys poor quality from the folk market. Second is imitation, most stores stole ideas and copy it such as photo, slogan, and logo.  And the third thing is stores freight the products online from their home, without any outlay. They buy clothes with poor quality and display your photo and sale it in half of its cost. While “professional online store you travel to Turkey, paid the costs of ticket and hotels to buy a good quality” Hattab said that.

The last problem that online stores suffer is a lack of legal protection, anyone can steal your ideas, photos and you can’t make anything. Moreover, some online companies that sell to the online stores deceptive or its fake company. “I lived this type of deceive,   when I bought abayas online and paid 300$, after few days they when I asked about the product, they block my number,” Douaa said that. For that, online shops need something like licenses to save it from these fake companies, or from the online stores that steal work.