Shopping is a good therapy to forget pressures and life’s problems. Most people depend on shopping as a psychological treatment or psychological comfort. But at the same time, all things have a limit, you can’t evade your problems by shopping or you will be an addict.

“In psychology, we have two kinds of shopping normal shopping and compulsory shopping”, Nagham Bitar she is a Psychiatrist said that. The first one is anyone can do it, that he/she goes to the shops and buy what he/she needs, and at the same time if she/he doesn’t find the same thing buy something like it. While compulsory shopping it’s more for people that have an addiction on the shopping. And at the same time is known as a pathological shopping, “anyone confuses if he/she don’t find the product, become sad or nervous”, Nagham said that. This type of shopping become when anyone goes to shops with psychological and compensatory motives and psychological disorders. For that when the compulsive purchase repeated many times it’s become an addiction.

This addiction makes human dead clinical. He/she becomes like a robot doing nothing, only need to go shopping. On the other hand, this addiction has many risks that destroy human life. The first one is destroying the social relations for a long time, that means addiction human can’t make a normal relationship with her/his colleagues. It will be a nervous relationship built on anxiety. Moreover, he/she living in isolation and retirement. The second risk is feeling anxious, tense and guilty because of the great spending of money. When the addict goes to the shops he buying in unawareness way. In addition after the great spending, he will be bankrupt and this is the most dangerous risk because it makes him/her enter into a depression, moreover, he feels he/she is a loser and increases psycho problems. On the other hand, he/she will have many debts and this takes him to a new frustrate. And the last risk is suicide after every frustrates he/she lives it increases the desire to suicide.